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‘Population Density’ is defined as a measure of the number of people per unit area.  Population density can be calculated for a defined area such as a state, county or municipal area provided the size of the land area and the total population are both known.  Below this text are population density change maps for Pennsylvania counties by decade over the last century.  In the next section below, the population density change is mapped on the municipal level.  Evaluating ‘Population Density’ and changes in the density of a population over time for a given area can illustrate where there is opportunity for growth and development.  Mapping the changes can also highlight trends and development patterns.

Pennsylvania County Population Density Change Maps:

Last Century – 1900-2010 Density Change

2010-2015 Estimated Density Change

2010-2014 Estimated Density Change

   2010-2013 Estimated Density Change 

  2010-2012 Estimated Density Change

   2010-2011 Estimated Density Change

2000-2010 Density Change

 1990-2000 Density Change  

1980-1990 Density Change 

1970-1980 Density Change 

1960-1970 Density Change 

1950-1960 Density Change 

1940-1950 Density Change 

1930-1940 Density Change 

1920-1930 Density Change 

1910-1920 Density Change 

1900-1910 Density Change



Municipal Population Density Change Maps:

   2010-2013  – Connecticut, New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania

2010 Pennsylvania

2000-2010 Wayne County & Adjacent Municipalities

2000-2010 Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania

1990-2000 Wayne County & Adjacent Municipalities

1990-2000 Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania

1980-1990 Wayne County & Adjacent Municipalities

1980-1990 Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania


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