Subdivision & Land Development


In Wayne County 25 of the 28 muncipalities have adopted their own Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances (SALDO).  Wayne County also has adopted a SALDO.  The subdivision and development of land in those municipalities that have adopted their own SALDO is governed by the locally adopted municipal ordinance.  In those municipalities (Dyberry & South Canaan Township & Prompton Borough) that have not chosen to adopt their own SALDO, the Wayne County SALDO is in effect.  The illustration below depicts the three municipalities (shaded green) that are under the jurisdiction of the Wayne County SALDO.

The Wayne County Commissioners have designated the Wayne County Planning Commission and the Wayne County Planning Department as the approving bodies for subdivision and land developments under this ordinance. 

A copy of the Wayne County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance can be downloaded or viewed by clicking on the link below:


Wayne County Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance (Adopted Nov. 7, 2002)

Also, the Oregon Township Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance can be viewed or downloaded from the link below:

Oregon Township Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance (Adopted July 5, 2006)

For more information on the Subdivision and Land Development process, click here.

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