Wayne County Comprehensive Plan Update


In 2008, at the direction of the Wayne County Commissioners, the Wayne County Planning Department and the Wayne County Planning Commission began the process to update the existing County Comprehensive Plan, which was originally adopted on December 27, 1994.  The consulting firm of Woodland Design Associates was selected to update the existing plan.  Woodland Design Associates was assisted by Shepstone Management Company and James R. Martin.  The mapping for the plan update was prepared by the Wayne County Planning Department.

As part of the update process, both resident and second-home surveys were conducted to obtain public input.  The Wayne County Planning Department also conducted several public meetings in different areas of the County in order to obtain additional input.  The result of this planning process is a document that will serve as a blueprint for the management of land use in the County for the forseeable future.  The Wayne County Comprehensive Plan Update was adopted by the Wayne County Commissioners on September 28, 2010.  The sections that comprise the plan update are available for viewing or download by clicking on the links below.

 I – Introduction

II – Cultural Resources Analysis 

III – Community Facilities Analysis

IV – Transportation Analysis

V – Recreation Analysis

VI – Natural Resource Analysis

VII – Existing Land Use Analysis

VIII – Population Analysis

IX – Housing Analysis

X – Economic Analysis

XI – Goals and Objectives

XII – Land Use, Natural Features & Agricultural Protection Plan

XIII – Community Facilities and Recreation Plan

XIV – Transportation Plan

XV – Housing Plan

XVI – Economic Development Plan

XVII – Historic Resources Plan

XVIII – Water Supply & Utilities Plan

XIX – Implementation Guidelines

Adoption Resolution – September 28, 2010

Resident Survey Summary – Part 1

Resident Survey Summary – Part 2

Resident Survey Summary – Part 3

Vacation Survey Summary – Part 1

Vacation Survey Summary – Part 2

Vacation Survey Summary – Part 3

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