Chapter 102 Regulations


Effective November 19, 2010, the regulations for Chapter 102 of the Pennsylvania Code “Erosion and Sediment Control” were amended.  Among the changes to the regulations was the requirement of a 150 foot riparian buffer where a project site is located in a special protection watershed at the time of application.  Nearly 95% of Wayne County is in a special protection watershed by virtue of the designation as either High Quality (HQ) or Exceptional Value (EV).  For more information on special protection waters in Wayne County, click here.  Therefore, these new regulations are likely to have a pronounced effect on future development in Wayne County.  For an illustration of the potential impact of the buffer regulations, click on the map link below:


Chapter 102 – Wayne County Buffer Map – (Formatted to print as 11″ x 17″


More information on the amended Chapter 102 regulations is available on the Wayne Conservation District website at the link below.


Wayne Conservation District – Chapter 102












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