Agricultural Land Use / Land Cover Study


In order to assess the changes that had occurred to Wayne County’s land use and land cover over the years, the Wayne County Planning Department initiated an ‘Agricultural Land Use / Land Cover Study’, which covered the years from 1959 to 2002.  The project closely examined the changes to the agricultural landscape that have developed over time. 

The project utilized Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to evaluate aerial photography from different periods to assess the changes to land use / land cover.  Also utilized were County tax assessment records and input from local citizens who had a knowledge of specific areas of the County. 

The completed study produced a tremendous amount of material that is available for use by the citizens and municipal officials of Wayne County.  The information below provides an overview of the study and the county-wide results.  Also, there is information for each specific municipality that includes: Municipal Narrative,  1959 Land Use / Land Cover Map and a 2002 land Use / Land Cover Map. 


Executive Summary


Wayne County Overview

Land Use Overview

Wayne County Narrative

1959 Wayne County Land Use / Land Cover Map

2002 Wayne County Land Use / Land Cover Map


To view the ‘Municipal Report’, click on the municipal name below: 

                    Berlin Township                                                    Manchester Township         

                    Bethany Borough                                                  Mount Pleasant Township

                    Buckingham Township                                        Oregon Township

                    Canaan Township                                                 Palmyra Township

                    Cherry Ridge Township                                       Paupack Township

                    Clinton Township                                                  Preston Township

                    Damascus Township                                            Prompton Borough

                    Dreher Township                                                  Salem Township

                    Dyberry Township                                               Scott Township

                    Hawley Borough                                                  South Canaan Township

                    Honesdale Borough                                             Starrucca Borough

                    Lake Township                                                    Sterling Township

                    Lebanon Township                                             Texas Township

                    Lehigh Township                                                Waymart Borough


To view the ’1959 Land Use/Land Cover Map’, click on the name below: 

                     Berlin Township                                                  Manchester Township

                     Bethany Borough                                                Mount Pleasant Township

                     Buckingham Township                                      Oregon Township

                     Canaan Township                                               Palmyra Township

                     Cherry Ridge Township                                     Paupack Township

                     Clinton Township                                                Preston Township

                     Damascus Township                                          Prompton Borough

                     Dreher Township                                                Salem Township 

                     Dyberry Township                                             Scott Township

                     Hawley Borough                                                South Canaan Township

                     Honesdale Borough                                           Starrucca Borough

                     Lake Township                                                  Sterling Township

                     Lebanon Township                                           Texas Township

                     Lehigh Township                                              Waymart Borough


To view the ’2002 Land Use/Land Cover Map’, click on the name below:

                      Berlin Township                                                Manchester Township

                      Bethany Borough                                              Mount Pleasant Township

                      Buckingham Township                                    Oregon Township

                      Canaan Township                                             Palmyra Township

                      Cherry Ridge Township                                   Paupack Township

                      Clinton Township                                              Preston Township

                      Damascus Township                                        Prompton Borough

                      Dreher Township                                              Salem Township

                      Dyberry Township                                            Scott Township

                      Hawley Borough                                               South Canaan Township

                      Honesdale Borough                                          Starrucca Township

                      Lake Township                                                  Sterling Township

                      Lebanon Township                                           Texas Township

                      Lehigh Township                                              Waymart Borough


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