Planning Sub-Committee


The Planning Sub-Committee is one of the seven sub-committees that comprise the Wayne County, Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Task Force. Wayne County Planning Department Director, Edward Coar, who also serves as the Chairman of the main Task Force, chairs the Planning Sub-Committee. The goal of the Planning Sub-Committee is to “Provide planning related information to local governments as it relates to the natural gas industry and the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (PMPC)”.


Planning Sub-Committee: 

Edward J. Coar, Chairman {Wayne County Planning Dept. – Director}

Christopher J. Barrett {Wayne County Planning Dept. – Senior Planner/GIS Spec.}

William Douglass {Upper Delaware Council – Executive Director}

Cathy Hunt {Berlin Township Supervisor/Planning Commission}

Tim Jones {Keystone Consulting & Associates – Professional Land Surveyor}

Ron Lewis {Former Lebanon Township Supervisor/Legal Services}

Albert Wildenstein {Mount Pleasant Township Supervisor}

Carol Dunn {Berlin Township Planning Commission/Local Educator}



To view information on court cases that are relevant to natural gas drilling and land use planning, click here.


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